Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Faith in our system of demon-crazy....

If I were to encounter an intelligent youth these modern times.....enrolled in a school of higher education.....that had personal aspirations to pursue politics for the betterment of the nation & world.....I would so effortlessly tell that individual to "GIVE IT UP!"

It's a wrap!   These individuals that WE/YOU voted into office simply DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOU THOUGHTS....BELIEFS....and POSITIONS!

By the second "WE THE PEOPLE" simply ALLOW our intelligence to be insulted.
BiPartisanship - In a two-party systembipartisan refers to any billactresolution, or any other action of a political body in which both of the major political parties are in AGREEMENT!

For a system of government that claims to be Democratically sound to continue to vote along party lines without exercising a conscious is appalling and unfathomable.  We are in deep trouble people!

Now of course I do approach this matter with the knowledge that nothing of course will be changed or can be changed regarding this matter but how long can this continue to go on?  It has become tiring and embarrasing that we are considered the "Holy Grail" of nations but continue to operate in this fashion.

We MUST call these individuals in power on their shit!

Stop allowing the media out-let(s) to relay untrue information that ultimately determines the position of the wavering human mind.

Stop Believing polls that do not truly exist.  

Begin studying, researching & reading!!!  Your life and the lives of those you truly care for are on the line!  

Stop discrediting all exorbitant information that you receive as simply conspiracy theory.  We exist in a country who own foundation is predicated on lies.

This system does NOT have your best interest at heart and we must realize these truths in order to know HOW to properly approach our true existence.  Every move made within this system of information is calculated and in most cases with put forth with malice intent.

There is NO MORE TIME for the silent treatment.....we must SPEAK UP!

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